Welcome to Ivy Alley

living gifts grown on site, ready to give… or keep!

Ivy Alley is a bespoke nursery located down a quaint little walking lane in Hunters Hill, Sydney.

Even though we are located deep in suburbia, you could be mistaken to think you have been transferred to a leafy private oasis, far away from the noise and crowds of the busy city!

We specialise in living plant ‘bouquets’ contained in beautiful pots and containers that will continue to grow and give pleasure for years to come. You’ll find them displayed amongst an array of garden treasures – new, old and salvaged.

Next time, instead of a going for a bunch of flowers, come down to Ivy Alley and choose a living ‘bouquet’!

Gardening Australia feature on Ivy Alley.

Costa meets Rachel Gleeson, a horticulturist and nurserywoman to check out some of her creative solutions for small spaces, tucked away in a leafy oasis in Sydney’s’ Hunters Hill.

“I just love old things – rust, old objects, things with a bit of history” explains Rachel. Rachel is a self-confessed hunter and gatherer and is always propagating plants and collecting unusual and interesting vessels to pot them into. Rachel describes herself as a ‘plant florist’, making up living arrangements rather than cut flowers. “I like to garden outside using objects from inside.  Literally creating a living room.  And the reverse is also true, bringing inside as much of the outside as I can!”.

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Better Homes & Gardens feature on Ivy Alley

Better Homes & Gardens feature on Ivy Alley.

“Graham visits a very unique nursery that has sprouted and grown from a woman’s love and passion for plants, the big difference here? It’s in her backyard and access is from a laneway! For the owner, Rachel, it was either stop gardening or start a nursery to house her ever growing collection of plants. And what better way to keep an eye on your plants than to grow them close to home – actually at home. Graham discovers some fantastic upcycling projects, lots of garden inspiration and with the help of Rachel makes a very unique planter…
You’re going to love this!” Better Homes & Gardens