Make your own
A great way to recycle your old food jars

By Rachel Gleeson for The Village Observer August 2021

If you are stuck at home at the moment and feel like doing some “indoor gardening” this little project may interest you!

Materials you will need:

• recycled food or storage jars

• planter pots (old or new) with drainage holes.

• jute string

• pebbles/gravel (optional)

• duckweed- this floats in the water and is available from Ivy Alley, aquarium stores or online.

• Plants

Putting it together…

Check your pantry (or your neighbours) to find some used jars of various shapes and sizes. Pair each vessel with a suitable size pot that will fit snuggly in the top. Wind the string around the top of each jar approx. half a dozen times to decorate, then tie off. Place 2-3 cm of gravel/stones in the base of each jar and then half fill with water. Next, add a small amount of duckweed to each vessel. Cut around a dozen pieces of string to the approximate length of each jar and knot together at one end. Thread the string through the inside of the garden pot until it protrudes out the base and the knot is anchored on the inside. Place the pot in its matching jar and trim string so it sits just above the gravel in the water. The water will be absorbed into the pots soil by the string! Now simply plant out with your favourite indoor plants.