Grandmas’ treasures  REPURPOSED

By Rachel Gleeson for The Village Observer September 2021

Grandmas’s treasures repurposed! Do you have a stash of bequeathed treasures that you really don’t have a purpose for, however would never dream of parting with? Ok, let’s go pull it out of the boxes all and find a glorious stage for them in your garden!

Silver Platters -Hanging bird planters. This is a great way to show off antique silverware. Drill through the middle of the tray using a “metal”drill bit . Secure a hook bolt through the hole and secure onto a chain.

Pewter mugs -plant hanger. These trophy mugs look great grouped together. Display and grow your favourite cutting or plants. Add drainage by drilling through base with a ‘metal’ drill bit.
Use wire to secure the cups to the hanger (instead of hooks) as the wire allows you to manipulate and adjust the mugs position.
Silver tea and coffee pots. Along with their accessories such as sugar bowls/milk creamers are a beautiful way to display flowers, or can be used as planters Simply drill a hole in the bottom (using a ‘metal’ drill bit) and remove lid (or wire it open).

Tea cups/saucers make dainty plant vessels and wonderful gifts! Place cup upright on a soft surface (eg teatowel) and use a “ceramic” drill bit to drill a hole in the base. Spray area to be drilled with water to prevent overheating. Use moderate, consistant pressure when drilling (be patient!)

Cake Stand Hang and use as a small bird feeder, or display with plants (pictured mini living moss balls). They look great in groups hanging. Musical instruments Trailing plants (such as rhipsalis pictured) look fantastic in this vessel! The brass will age/weather and form a beautiful blue patina over time.

Soup Terrine lid – Hanging basket. Drill four holes (using a ‘metal’drill bit on your drill) Also drill two holes in the base,either side of the handle for drainage. Purchase a hanging basket chain set from the hardware store/nursery and clip through holes.

If you don’t have a stash of these lovely bygone things, they are readily available from second hand stores, auction houses or online. Just ask at your local hardware store for the appropriate drill bits, wire or hooks needed to complete these tasks.