Make Your Own (DIY!!) Self Watering Pots

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Make Your Own (DIY!!)

By Rachel Gleeson for The Village Observer July 2021

Are you unsure of how often to water your houseplants? Finding it difficult to stick to a regular watering programme? These are common problems that often lead to our houseplants looking sad and unhealthy. When a pot plants soil dries out between watering, it shrinks a little and causes a gap to form between the potting mix and the side of the pot. when re-watering the water often runs down the side of the pot before it has had a chance to hydrate the soil and your plant remains thirsty!

The easiest way to overcome this problem is by giving your plant access to a permanent reservoir of water. You can do this by using a self-watering pot. You may have noticed that the range of self-watering pots available on the market is very limited and rather anaesthetically pleasing.! Solution… Make your own!


Hardware Store:

• Builders BOG (if your pot currently has a hole in base)

• Copper pipe offcut

• 2 masonry drill bits.. one small & one same width of the pipe

• Silicone sealant (clear ‘gutter and roof’)

• Pond sealer


• Drill

• Hack saw (for cutting pipe)

• Paint brush

• Hammer


– Choose a concrete, terracotta or ceramic pot. If it has a hole in the bottom mix builders bog and apply generously to plug it up.

Drill a hole through side of pot approximately 1/5 of the way up (first drill hole with the smaller drill bit and once done use the larger to make it wider).

– Cut a piece of copper (about 5 or 6 times the thickness of the pot) and gently tap it through the hole with the hammer so it protrudes out both sides.

– Apply silicone sealant around pipe. Let dry.

– Paint the inside of the pot with pond sealer to just above pipe. Flip and also paint base (that sits on the ground normally). Repeat when dry.

– Fill the pot to painted level with polystyrene pieces or gravel.