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Better Homes and Gardens Magazine Feature

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Better Homes and Gardens Magazine beautifully featured Ivy Alley.

“If you’re the sort of person who can’t throw out anything, then be encouraged by this northern Sydney garden with its hundreds of plants in a zany, crazy collection of containers. Ivy Alley takes recycling to an exciting and eclectic extreme. But don’t think hoarder – everything is for sale”

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

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Beautiful Hunters Hill

Park in Passy avenue and walk down the little lane (adj to number 1). Awaiting you will be a tranquil hideaway filed with beautiful plants and garden objects. Hunters Hill is a great place to go for breakfast, lunch or dinner and has lots of cafes serving great coffee. Hunters Hill, known as the “Garden Suburb” offers beautiful Harbourside reserves, historic homes and amazing views!



Our Top 5 Christmas Gifts Selection

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Gorgeous Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is getting closer every day now and we have picked out our top 5 gifts from our wide selection down here at Ivy Alley. If anything here takes your fancy, come down and see us or give us a call to place an order. We are open from Friday 14th December straight through to Monday 24th December, 10am – 5pm everyday in the run up to Christmas so don’t delay!

5 – Beautifully potted Echeveria – one of our antique pots features in this picture, but we have a wide range for you to choose from.

4 – Terrariums in a variety of different shapes and sizes – these gifts keep on giving, need very little maintenance and are a fun gift at any time of the year, but especially at Christmas.

3 – This season’s shoe collection!

2 – Urns full of Succulents – we have a huge range of succulents and the range of colours in these urns is amazing.

1 – Tillandsia (Airplant) in a gorgeous glass vessel – always a favourite with our customers and makes a fabulous gift.


How To Care For Your Terrarium

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Terrariums are very easy to care for and provide an almost foolproof way of nurturing and displaying plants in your home. Here are a few instructions for you on caring for your terrarium and making sure you get pleasure from it for a long time!

  • They love indirect, bright light
  • They should always have a reservoir of water in their pebble base – if not, you will need to top it up
  • A slight haze of condensation is a good indication that they have plenty of water
  • Healthy, growing plants may start overcrowding and might need the occasional trim to keep them in good shape

Suitable plants for a terrarium are those that are slow-growing, enjoy moist and humid conditions and grow in shady/low light conditions. Here’s a few examples:

  • Ficus varieties
  • Hypoestes
  • Ferns
  • Bromeliads
  • Moss

Have a go at growing your own and getting started with terrariums and you won’t look back!


The Best Plants For A Shady Sydney Garden – Part 3

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Here’s my final post featuring some popular plants that love a shady Sydney garden. If you’re looking to make your garden come to life and add a bit of colour, these are for you.

Devils Ivy (Epipremnum Aureus) – climbing/trailing with heart shaped leaves.

Birds nest (Asplenium) – can be planted directly into soil or mounted in a vessel or tree trunk.

Dwarf Papyrus – can be used in a water feature or planted in a wet area of the garden

Fittonia with Mondo Grass – again loads of varieties and colours available

These ten plants I’ve featured in these last three blog posts are just a very small selection of the many suitable shade plants available. If you need help finding the right ones, just contact us at Ivy Alley for some friendly advice!


The Best Plants For A Shady Sydney Garden – Part 2

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Here’s my next three plants that love a shady Sydney garden. These plants can always be relied upon to deliver some colour and make those shady areas come to life and feel a bit tropical.

Begonia – you can pick them up in so many colours and varieties, from deep red and yellow to hot pink.

Staghorn (platycerium superbum) – outstanding feature plant, used anchored to branches/walls at eye level.

Rhoeo Dwarf – hot pink striped foliage. Simply stunning!

Part 3 will be here in the next couple of weeks, and if you need any help finding the right ones or making a choice, get in touch or visit Ivy Alley for some friendly advice.


The Best Plants For A Shady Sydney Garden – Part 1

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I’ve got a number of these plants to tell you about and I will write about them over the next few weeks. These plants offer interesting foliage & colour and add a tropical, informal feel to a shady area.

Here are the first three:

Persian Shield (stabilanthes dyeranus) – Very intense purple leaves (colour intensifies in shade). 

Aglaonema (often called Chinese Evergreen). Again, loads of different varieties available. This one is “Sian”.

Cordyline – Many different varieties/colours available (this variety is “fruiticosa”).

Stay tuned for the rest of my list, coming shortly – if you need any help finding the right ones or making a choice, get in touch or visit Ivy Alley for some friendly advice.


Everything is coming together nicely…

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Everything is coming together nicely for our opening weekend…

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