Workshops at Ivy Alley in 2022


Saturday 12 February 2022
Saturday 9 April 2022
Saturday 18 June 2022
Saturday 8 October 2022
$120   10am – 11.30am

Private group bookings available (min. 6 people)

This workshop will explain how to make and create your own bonsai specimen! You will be taught the various steps, tricks and tips involved with choosing, trimming, planting and maintaining a bonsai plant.

Includes all materials (bonsai pot, plant, moss, potting mix, gravel)

Private group bookings available (min. 6 people)

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Saturday 12 March 2022
Saturday 7 May 2022
Saturday 27 August 2022
Saturday 5 November 2022

$98   10am – 11.30am

Private group bookings available(min. 6 people)

Kokedama (its Japanese for “Moss Ball’!)
In this workshop, you will choose a specimen from a variety of suitable plants and be guided through the various steps involved with creating your own living Kokedama.

Includes all materials (specimen plant, sphagnum moss, living moss, metal hanger)

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Saturday 26 Feb 2022
Saturday 23 April 2022
Saturday 13 August 2022
Saturday 22 October 2022
$120   10am – 11.30am
Private group bookings available(min. 6 people)

Learn how to create, maintain and provide the perfect growing environment for your succulents. You will be provided with a beautifully had painted rustic bowl (as pictured 20 x 20cm) and a dozen varieties of succulents. The growing habit of each variety will be demonstrated and you will be shown how to put them together accordingly to make a beautiful living display.

Includes hand painted rustic bowl, succulents, potting mix, Spagnum moss.
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Saturday 26 Mar 2022
Saturday 21 May 2022
Saturday 24 Sept 2022
$120  10am – 11.30am
Private group bookings available(min. 6 people)

This workshop will explain the basic fundamentals of making a terrarium. It explains what plants are suitable and will thrive in this environment. You will make and take home your own masterpiece!

(inc glass vessel, plants/moss, planting media)

Private group bookings available(min. 6 people)

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Friday 25 November 2022
Saturday 26 November 2022
Saturday 3 December 2022
Sunday 4 December 2022
Friday  9 December 2022
Sunday 11 December 2022
Friday 16 December 2022
Saturday 17 December 2022

$198  10am – 12pm

Private group bookings available(min. 6 people)

Make and take home your own living succulent Christmas wreath filled with unique and collector succulents. You will be supplied with a container to plant your wreath into post Christmas so it can grow forever!

Includes 50cm wreath, Spagnum moss, assorted succulents, wire, metal hook,
50cm plastic planter (for watering/transplanting)

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Sunday 27 November 2022
Friday 2 December 2022
Saturday 10 December 2022
Sunday 18 December 2022

$298 9.30am-12.30pm
Private group bookings available (min. 6 people)

This substantial succulent ‘tree’, standing approximately 65cm high and 25cm wide is a site to behold!

This is a beautiful stand alone feature that you will love on your Christmas table. You will also learn how to maintain your Christmas tree so it will continue to thrive and flourish for future festive seasons to come!’

Includes over $200 worth of succulents. Available for viewing at Ivy Alley.


Cost: $249

Make your own living terrarium lamp! These terrarium lamps will thrive in any room, thanks to the artificial rays provided by the LED bulb. The plants require very little maintenance and only an occasional top up of water every couple of months. An access point at the top fits the watering vessel provided. Cost $249. Price includes.. glass lamp, handmade rattan shade, LED bulb, Lava rock, plants, watering vessel.
Please contact Rachel at Ivy Alley if you are interested in booking this class. Private bookings also available (min 4 people).

Need to take a closer look?

All workshop projects are on display in-store at Ivy Alley